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This site is meant as an aid to help those working with the Right Use of Will material to connect to each other and create a network of support among those engaging in emotional healing. There is no processing on the site as direct emotional movement is not possible in this medium. We encourage you to do your verbal processing privately with those you feel drawn to by exchanging your own contact info. This is not a "processing" site, merely a place to find others and create a way to engage them privately.

There will be a list page of others, which will have space for however much biographical information people feel comfortable sharing.

Because people have different polarizations and are at different places in their process there can appear to be a number of different interpretations of the material in these books and ways of applying them. As this process proceeds they are more likely to come into more alignment with one another. Re-reading the books can also seem like a different experience as we progress in out movement.

Please be aware that interactions with others in this process can be triggering and that putting ourselves forward through this medium and offline is our own responsibility. For those who feel they wish for more online interaction and interaction with other perspectives in regards to working with this material there are some additional sites listed below that have come to our attention as alternative sites where people can contact each other and are given as links.

While there will be some monitoring of this site, we are assuming that those who feel they wish to interact with others from this list will feel into themselves deeply enough to be their own monitors and therefore take full responsibility for their reflections from those they contact. The author of the Right Use of Will series has no involvement with or endorsement of this site, therefore there is no connection with her to any of the interaction that takes place here or proceeding from here. Please refrain from contacting the author regarding problems with this site.

Thank you

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